Welcome to Look Into Trade. In this site I show results of some selected strategies for trading stocks and also other securities on the finacial markets. They are based on relatively simple principles: chart patterns, candlesticks and sometimes basic indicators.

There are plenty of strategies and ideas that you can find online and in various trading books. Some of these strategies have not been really tested and we can doubt if all of them are successful. Therefore the objective of this site is to check at least some of them.

How can you benefit from this site? At first, you can look at the studied strategies and see if they are useful for your trading. Secondly, you can receive from me ready algorithms that you can analyse yourself. Alternatively you can use them for creating “signals” that will tell you which stocks to buy.

The site is under construction (I never have time for it), but I hope that it will be useful for you.

Disclaimer: Look Into Trade takes no responsibility for your trades. The research is based on the previous stocks performance and there is no guarantee that this will continue in the future. Remember that trading stocks is generally extremely risky and may lead to significant losses.